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Screen-Printed Biosensors in Drug Analysis

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 2 ]


Maria A. Alonso-Lomillo and Olga Dominguez-Renedo   Pages 169 - 174 ( 6 )


The technology of screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) in biosensor development has received much consideration. Their versatility, miniaturized size and the possibility of connecting them to portable instrumentation make possible highly specific on-site determination of several drugs. This review highlights the recently developed strategies toward immobilization of different biological molecules on disposable electrodes for the sensitive and selective analysis of drugs. Thus, enzyme modified SPEs, DNA modified SPEs and immunosensors based on SPEs are overviewed.


Screen-printed electrodes, enzyme biosensors, affinity biosensors, drugs.


Analytical Chemistry Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Burgos, Pza. Misael BaƱuelos s/n, 09001 Burgos

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