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Quantitative Determination of Ginsenoside Rg1 in Rat Plasma by Ultrahigh Performance Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry (UHPLC-MS/MS) and its Application in a Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability Study

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 1 ]


Qinghua Weng, Zhenan Zhang, Linglong Chen, Weiwei You, Jinlai Liu, Feifei Li, Lianguo Chen* and Xiajuan Jiang*   Pages 85 - 91 ( 7 )


Background: Ginsenoside Rg1 (Rg1) is the main active compound of ginseng herbs.

Objective: The aim of this study is to develop a rapid, selective and sensitive ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS/MS) method to determine the levels of Rg1 in rat plasma and investigate the pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of Rg1 in rats.

Methods: Chromatographic separation was achieved on an UHPLC-MS/MS system with an UPLC BEH C18 column using an elution gradient of a mixture of acetonitrile and water (with 0.1% formic acid). The analytes were quantitatively determined by negative-mode electrospray tandem MS.

Results: The linearity of the calibration curve was from 2 to 1,000 ng/mL (r ≥ 0.9956), and the lower limit of quantification was 2 ng/mL. The inter-day and intra-day precision were both lower than 12.0%, and the accuracy ranged from 90.6 to 109.7%. The recovery of the targets was higher than 87.0%, and the matrix effect at three different analyte concentrations were from 89.0 to 97.2%. The bioavailability of Rg1 was only 6.1% due to a poor oral absorption.

Conclusion: This new quantitative method was found to be sensitive, rapid and selective, and was successfully used to study the pharmacokinetics of Rg1 after intravenous and oral administration in rats.


Ginsenoside Rg1, pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, rat, plasma, UHPLC-MS/MS.


Wenzhou People’s Hospital, Wenzhou 325000, Analytical and Testing Center, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou 325035, Wenzhou People’s Hospital, Wenzhou 325000, Wenzhou People’s Hospital, Wenzhou 325000, Wenzhou People’s Hospital, Wenzhou 325000, Wenzhou People’s Hospital, Wenzhou 325000, Wenzhou People’s Hospital, Wenzhou 325000, The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou 325000

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